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We take training very seriously, and so do the majority of our clients. It’s more than just meeting regulations, of meeting minimum requirements, it’s a determination to equip staff and employees with the information and advice they need to perform their jobs safely and with security, and in a way that both educates and entertains.

FRS can offer training both on-site and off-site, in working hours and not, with live training or by DVD. Several companies choose DVD training to save costs and because these sessions can be run at times to suit the company, the choice is entirely yours.

Modules offered include:

Asbestos Awareness

The inhalation of asbestos fibres remains responsible for around 4000 deaths a year. This training DVD details the potential dangers when around asbestos and will equip your employees with the information they need to remain safe.

Avoiding Slips and Trips

Did you know that slips, trips and are the most common cause of accidents in the workplace? Over a third of all reported accidents are caused by slips and trips. This training DVD provides the delegate with advice as to how to identify dangers and risks in the workplace.


This updated DVD covers all the recent changes in COSHH legislation. It gives full details of the changes in the labeling system, and the most commonly used symbols. Provide your employees with the essential information they need to know to keep on the right side of COSHH!

Driving Safely

An excellent training DVD for employees who regularly drive either a company car or a vehicle during business hours. This DVD provides important information regarding hazard perception and identification, and how to remain safe whilst driving.

Fire and Safety in the Workplace

All companies should have an induction programme and this training DVD can be used for this and for general fire safety education. In it we take a brief look at the general principles of fire safety and what to do in the event of a conflagration, equipping your employees with the essential information they need to identify potential risks in their workplace.

Fire Risk Assessments
 Running alongside “Fire and Safety in the Workplace” this training DVD covers the general principles of fire safety and the recognition of potential dangers in the workplace. It also addresses prevention techniques by way of a fire risk assessment.

Fire Risk Assessor

What is a risk assessment? What is a hazard? What is a risk? Why do we assess risk? This training DVD teaches the basic principles of good management practice and will educate your employees to have an understanding of the importance of identifying and assessing risks

Health and Safety Responsibilities

This training DVD highlights the importance of having a good health and safety culture in your company, and the devastating effect that a poor safety culture can have. This DVD will underpin your culture of care and provide your employees with the information they need to keep on top of their H and S requirements.

Manual Handling

Showing the correct technique for lifting and carrying, this DVD shows the six recognized steps of a lift in a simple and concise way to ensure complete understanding. This DVD is not industry specific and is therefore applicable to all working environments.

Power saw safety

This training DVD addresses hazards associated with powered saw equipment. It covers initial inspection of equipment, use of guards and personal protection.

Working at Height

Falls don’t just cause accidents, they cause fatalities, and yet they remain high on the list of causes of accidents in the workplace. This training DVD gives the delegate the advice they need to enable them to identify the dangers and risks they face in the workplace.

Understanding safety signs

One man’s “No” can be someone else’s “Maybe” so it’s important that the precise meaning behind the safety signs we use are clearly understood. This training DVD explains the exact meaning and implications behind signs such as  “Hazard”, “Prohibited”, ‘‘Safe Condition” and “Mandatory” as well as various Fire Equipment signs.

As with all our courses, each participant receives certification of attendance. For mare details, just give us a ring, or use the contact form.



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