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Health and Safety Consultants

Fire Risk Safety has over 20 years experience in Health and Safety, across all industries and sectors, experience that we put to use to keep you and your company safe and out of potential trouble and danger. 


Why use FRS? Because we work alongside you to provide the peace of mind that allows you to get on with what’s really important, running your business! Our job is to protect you and your business both physically and legally:  


Physically, so the risk of injury to you, your staff, to anyone visiting your premises and to your staff in your vehicles is kept to an absolute minimum 


Legally: So that, should anything happen, you know that you’re covered 


But there are other benefits too, higher productivity, better profit margins, fewer claims, cheaper insurance and, above all, being known as an employer who values and looks after his staff.    


So, why wait a moment longer? Call us now on 01179 866397, or use the Contact form to discover our route to perfect peace of mind…and at an affordable price too!








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