"Professional all-rounders, FRS is invaluable in keeping us safe, both practically and legally"
Of course we don't only work with the construction industry and the motor trade, we work with every business that needs help with their Health and Safety, which is....every business!  Have a look down the following list, most items will apply to every business...so why not just give us a call and tell us about yourselves, we'll be able to keep you both safe and within the law....

Health and Safety Management Systems

We will formulate, install and implement your own unique Health and Safety management system, including a framed Company Health and Safety policy statement for your office or reception area.
Fire Risk Assessments
Ask us to carry out a fire general risk assessment of your workplace! We’ll highlight any immediate dangers and areas where your existing Health and Safety policies fall short. We’re happy to do this with no obligation on you to work with us any further! 
An annual audit may be all you need! We can visit your work-place, review your policies to ensure that everything is up to date and meeting current legislation. We will check your statutory records, any changes in legal documentation and complete a physical inspection of your workplace. 
Competent Person
Did you know that it’s a legal requirement that you employ a competent person to be responsible for Health and Safety matters with your company? This person is responsible for ensuring that you meet all your legal obligations…and that person can be us! We act in this capacity for a growing number of clients. Contact us to discuss! 
We can assess your workforce and identify all Health and Safety training requirements, we can also provide any training they made need, on site or away from your workplace.
Just ask, we’re happy to help. 
It’s a legal requirement to have a written, up to date Health and Safety policy if you have five or more employees. The Health and Safety Executive is pushing for all work related fatalities to have a corporate manslaughter charge attached as routine. Doing nothing is really no longer an option. Every company, no matter how small, is subject to Health and Safety law…even the self-employed.
Contact us to discuss an easy and affordable way to protect yourself, both physically and legally.
PAT Testing
PAT testing (Portable Appliance Testing) is a speciality of ours. We provide a fast, reliable and, above all, professional service at clear to understand, transparent and competitive prices to companies, landlords and all other businesses and organisations where test is required. We also partner with Facilities Management companies and Electrical Contractors who trust us to provide a fully managed service to their clients.
 As an indication our prices are typically as follows: 
 No. of Appliances    Cost £
 10    £80.00
 20    £100.00
 30    £120.00
 40    £140.00
 50    £160.00
 100    £180.00
 150    £200.00
 200+    £POA
We have a minimum charge of £40, with all charges calculated on a per site basis. We cover Bath, Bristol, Gloucestershire, Somerset, South Gloucestershire and Wiltshire.
For an exact quote ring us on 01179 324600, or use the Contact Form on the right hand side of this website
Manual Handling
If your business involves lifting or moving anything, from patients to beer kegs, stacking shelves or digging holes, then you need to be aware of the implications of not training your staff to lift and move properly, of asking them to do work that places them in jeopardy, and of having working practices that contravene legislation. Manual handling can be a minefield…and it can’t be ignored. Why not pay safe and give us a call?  
Display Screen Equipment
Did you know that more back damage is caused by office chairs than by lifting? And that most of this is in front of a computer screen? And that back pain is the UK’s single biggest reason for lost work time?
If you employ people to sit in front of computer screens you have a duty in care to protect them from the potential health hazards incumbent with their work…or they can sue you. FRS can advise on workstations, work practice and best practice. Call us to find out how.



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